Scientific Management Lifecycle

Kick off

Once the decision to organize a congress has been made, two years of frantic activity must ensue to create a Scientific Grid with a main conference hall and 15 breakout rooms organized by areas of interest with 2,000+ different talks distributed over the three days of a conference.

One Year Before

JTG has created a dedicated application for the Medical Society. It is not the Congress that must adapt to JTG, but rather JTG has created a tool customized to fit the needs and specificities of the event in question.

4,000 abstracts have been submitted through the JTG-AHS Abstract Handling System, which have been evaluated by over 400 reviewers, automatically selected by AHS. Substitute reviewers are also displayed by default.
Disclosure terms and conflict of interest statements have been included so as to provide the Reviewing Committee with all the elements it needs to proceed with the evaluation process. The Scientific Committee starts its work and uses the JTG-FMT Faculty Management Tool, creating a fully interactive Scientific Grid Drag&Drop that is able to detect any kind of overlapping (by author, topic or time-slot).

A session needs to me moved to a different room!

The Scientific Committee just has to drag the session to a new slot and JTG-FMT automatically sends a notification of the change to all the speakers of the modified session.

Last minute! A new session must be added to the program, but where? JTF-FMT detects all the slots in the Scientific Grid available for a particular topic and sends the information to the Program Committee.

Building communities!

And not just one but 300 at the same time! Over 300 scientific sessions have been created and confirmed. Now the chairs of the different sessions can create individual and autonomous communities for each session and get in touch with the speakers assigned to their own in order to exchange discussion protocols, agree on the different aspects of the presentations or simply arrange to meet for a drink an hour before the beginning of the session.

My private area … simply perfect!

In my speaker private area, I can access all the congress information, I can log into the private community of the sessions I participate in, I can view the abstracts I must evaluate if I am a member of the Reviewing Committee, I can look at my assignments, which I can link to my outlook or iphone diary and I can also get a list of my pending tasks: I received a notification of a room change and I haven't confirmed that I have read it!

My private area … simply perfect!

I type in the same username/password as when connecting to my scientific society private area, so I don't have to think of different usernames/passwords for the different activities organized by my society. The JTG-RMS Registration Module System has synchronized my personal details with those of the CRM of my society and I can use the same username/password for the congress as when connecting to my society's private area.

DAY 1 The Congress begins - It's show time!

I have just received an sms from the Congress!

They have welcomed me and told me about the highlights of the day. The keynote lecture of the afternoon's session will be webcast live to a worldwide audience! I will forward the sms to my colleagues in the hospital so that they know what they will be missing. This may encourage them to sign up for the Congress next year!

I can create my own schedule of sessions through the APP!

I have created my personal schedule of sessions according to my own interests and the APP sends me an alert 10 minutes before the beginning of each of my selected sessions. And I also made appointments with two trade show exhibitors so as to get to know their products better.

I can vote from my smartphone or tablet!

All attendees at a clinical case session can vote for the treatments we think most appropriate using the JTG-MVS Mobile Voting System. It's just plain sailing!

I can upload my presentations automatically!

I just have to enter the Slide Preview Room, swipe my badge on the scanner connected to the central computer and my talk will automatically appear on the screen. I can upload my presentations, review my videos and the JTG-SVS Slide Viewing System will send my lectures to the corresponding room.

And before I leave, I can print my certificate acknowledging my status as a speaker, which got automatically uploaded to my private area. I am concerned that I uploaded my presentation only five minutes before going on stage ... But my fears are allayed by one of the technicians who tells me that the system refreshes every minute and prioritizes last-minute presentations. I make a beeline for my lecture room and my slides are all set!

Delivering my talk is just a doddle!

Outside the room a touchscreen monitor shows the grid for my session as well as the slides of each presentation at the same time as they are shown in the lecture room. As soon as I walk up to the podium, the screen shows the grid for the session and all I have to do is hit the "play" button superimposed on the title of my presentation and I know I have 7 minutes to talk. A countdown-timer also appears on the screen so it's impossible to run on!

I have a case that's exactly the same as this one! Using the JTG-EPS E-Poster Tool, I enter the e-poster room and I review the posters related to the condition in specialize in. I chance on a poster that discusses a treatment that is identical to the one I administer in my own hospital! I get in touch with the poster's author (blind email) and we jointly consider potential solutions to more complicated cases of the same pathology.This will help both of us serve our patients better.

The congress is over

Multi-event statistics!

The Program Committee has at its disposal per-topic statistics of the different papers presented at the Congress, which can be compared to the statistics from previous congresses thus facilitating the selection of topics for forthcoming events. The Committee is also provided with scientific surveys and participant satisfaction questionnaires!

I can download my certificates from my private area!

All my certificates are right at my fingertips! Certificates of attendance, certificates for speakers, certificates of credits earned ... all of them are available from my private area.Before downloading my certificates, I must fill out a short survey: my answers will help improve the quality of future congresses.