Slide View system

Slide View is a database-driven server solution which automatically allocates presentations to the corresponding rooms. All activities are monitored and supervised centrally in the Slide Desk.

Administration Area

The Desktop Administration Tool

Specific to manage advance topics, such as network monitoring, files formats accepted, file engine monitoring and advanced presentation management.

The Desktop Administration Tool provides real-time control over the network, informing the Slide Desk Manager on the status of all computers on the system. For example, a warning is automatically displayed if any of the computers looses connection to the server. Although this is not critical, because due to the technical architecture of the system the speaker will always be able to run his presentation even if without network, it is important to guarantee that all presentations get to the rooms in due time.

The File Engine Service is part of the technical heart of the system, pushing presentations from the central server to the room stations, setting copy priority based on the presentation time. So, the first presentation to be presented gets to the room faster.

The Desktop Administration Tool is the place where the presentations can be changed / removed / moved at an Administration Level. For security reasons, the system restricts the upload of the presentation to only one attempt by the self-service feature. Once the speaker validates the upload file, further changes must be done at the administration station, by a certified

Main Features

Self-service presentation delivery

The speakers can deliver the presentations by themselves

Edit & Preview made possible on the same computer

Easy last-minute corrections in a comfortable fashion

Non-working videos converter

Streamlined process to convert the videos that don’t run properly

Scientific programme real-time update

From last minute changes to typing errors detected by the speakers, all can be easily corrected on-site and automatically pushed to the rooms

Presentation status monitor

Detailed status report for the congress organizer and session moderator.

Presentation certificates

Printed on-demand by the speakers.

Major Benefits


  • 0% of lost presentations:

    The system routes the presentation to the correct room / sessionbased on the scientific programme

  • The data if full-backed-up, both on a central storage and on the presentation laptop:

    Fully redundant

  • 100% of presentations tested / previewed:

    The system enforces slide by slide check


  • No queues:

    We are not limited by the high cost and available number of technical staff

  • No waiting time:

    During peak hours, less than 2 minutes

  • Less technicians required

Fluid sessions

Moderators enjoy to know beforehand what is the situation

Impacting experience

Projects an efficient professional image.
All speakers have referred that they very much enjoy the autonomy given and the user-friendly