SciM Scientific Management.

SciM is as web-based application, that manages the scientific programme and faculty in an integrated and automated fashion.

Faculty Management Tool

The Faculty Management Tool is a web based solution, developed in-house, to manage all the processes related to the organization of the congress content. It's an effectiv information hub,bringing together all the involved parties..

Offer a Top Quality Service for both Keynote and Speakers, based on an online tool that may facilitate and contribute to their participation in the event.
Implement a global management system for the event, through an application that provides a comprehensive overview of the different parts, including all items for each Session and each Speaker.


Abstracts management

From submission to review, programme allocation and acceptance announcement, it takes it all up in a single tool.

Schedule view setup

Easy to build and read schedule layout type. Build the schedule as you will see it later on.

Session types structure

Capacity to define custom session types, its faculty structure and completeness status.

Faculty management

Full list of faculty members, with full details, pending tasks, assignments, congress registration status, overlapping activity warnings and system activity log

Communications central

Central repository of all communications sent out and received, full searchable, by faculty member, subject or issue. Capacity to track back issues in a question of seconds, from day one. Email templates and burst features, automates the communication flow.

Faculty portal

Faculty members have a dedicated web portal to keep track of their status and interact with the scientific secretariat.

Programme versioning

The versioning feature is like a a second skin to the daily work, separating the daily managent version to the published version..



Associations can take full responsibility over the scientific programme, either by managing it by themselves of by outsourcing it to a PCO, but still retaining control over the programme status and full access to the information. In addition, the board itself has a permanent control of the programme status through the Dashboard page.

Quality of Service

Queries and claims can be answered on the fly, issues sorted out in no time, delivering a high quality of service.

Reduced workload

The scientific programme can be put together with much less effort than before, in many cases taking half of the time and effort than before.


Everything is done in anticipation, being able to publish the programme matrix, the preliminary programme and the printed programme with less stress and always in due time.

Long-term perspective

Each scientific event is managed as a logic sequence of the previous work, capitalizing on it and preparing for the future. Fingertips is the first stop of the process.


The number of mistakes in the final programme decreses and addendas can be